Ice Storm

Fires, floods, avalanches, landslides and now ice storms. There seems to be no end to the weather conditions we need to prepare for.

I had expected the warmer weather and rain so I tried my best to clear the snow as soon as the last fall had stopped. I was primarily concern about the mess of slush. The resulting ice was a very unpleasant surprise.

Having allowed several inches of snow to sit on the driveway was not a great idea. It had packed down with several drive passes and could not be cleared with the plough. The packed snow melted and froze immediately with the rain fall. We were trapped in an ice rink. No amount of salt and ice melt helped.

The night was horrendous. There were crackling from all directions from breaking trees. The horses ran with a panic all night long. The disaster was clear in the morning sun. The sight of the amount of clean up was exhausting. We are fortunately there was no damage that could not be readily repaired, several fence boards. Several branches missed our trailer by inches.

December 2022

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