Access North

We are located at

50690 Trans Canada Hwy, Boston Bar BC

From Vancouver, the ranch may be reached from the north via Hwy 99, a more scenic road through Whistler, Duffy Lake Road, Lilloeet and Hwy 12, Lytton.

Geography North Canyon (north of the ranch)

From Lytton to Boston Bar, a 40km distance, the geography is fairly similar but the weather can be variable; it may change at every turn of the canyon. Ponderosa Pines are common in Lytton but slowly give way to Douglas Firs in Boston Bar. North of Lytton to Spence Bridges and Cache Creek, Highway 1 through the Thompson River Canyon, the geography is very much like a desert. Northwest of Lytton through the Fraser Canyon on Highway 12 is somewhat more arid.

North highway convergence to Highway 1 heading south.

All roads from the north will converge at Lytton when seeking a south bound route on Highway 1.

2021 exposed Lytton and surrounding areas to extensive fires. Fire followed by drought and episodes of heavy rain has effected widespread change in the landscape. Between Lytton and Canyon Alpine, a damaged bridge near Jackass Summit only permits single lane, alternating traffic. Jackass Peak is so named in remembrance of all the donkeys that fell to their deaths during the gold rush.

Upon passing Jackass Summit, travelers will soon reach Fat Jack’s Diner / Mighty Fraser Motel (to the right) where you will then find entrance to Rough Canyon Ranch in 500m to the left (east). The north boundary of Rough Canyon is just across the road from Fat Jack’s Diner.

About Us

Hi, I’m Seren. I love our farm and I love the outdoors. The best days are when I may play at the creek, climb trees, roll around in the sand and soil, ride my horse and swing my cat buttercup around while carrying him upside down.

Looking forward to your visit.