Nature Works

Rough Canyon Ranch is on a 98acre parcel of land with mostly Douglas Fir trees … I think. Over the past years I have learned to climb, use a chainsaw and operate heavy machinery to move trees, earth and water to nurture a regenerative ecosystem. There is still so much to learn and so many skills to polish in facilitating biodeversity.

We have a great resource for firewood and have recently ordered a sawmill. There are many plans for trees; large branches are used for fence post and rails, the smaller ones for mulch. We hope to mill our own wood for sheds, tables and shelves.

In addition to the big trees, our orchard also needs lots of attention. When deciding what trees to plant, it was clear trees that have beautiful flowers and fruits are better than those that are strictly ornamental. We will have to figure out how to manage the fruits when they arrive. Most of the trees are young but we have 10 that are well established and are good producers: cherries, pears, apples and plums. Orchard trees need prunning … more skills to acquire and learn.

To help the trees grow, water harvesting need to be established and the earth need to be moved.