A Proud Parent!

Raising animals take a lot of work and sacrifice in return for food security, a viable ecosystem and companionship. Raising children is even more daunting. I learned to take my sense of selflessness to the next level, set aside my ego and developed a whole lot of patience. My daughters are everything to me andContinue reading “A Proud Parent!”

Permaculture … what is

The concept of permaculture was developed by Australian Bill Mollison “latterally with David Homgren” from 1972-1974. The concept did not mature sufficiently until 1981. Mollison describes permaculture as an “interdisciplinary earth science with a potential for positivistic, integrated and global outreach.” “Permaculature (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems whichContinue reading “Permaculture … what is”