Life on the ranch

The Rough Canyon “Ranch” is somewhat misleading in its use of “ranch”. Ranchers’ primary yield is meat often thought of as cattle. The Rough Canyon Ranch raise a few rabbits and chicken eggs for consumption; in the future, perhaps ducks as well. Currently, there is a small food production that is plant based. This production is not for commercial use.

Food production is only a part of the life on the ranch. I like to think our primary yield is knowledge. Our family has learn much particularly in the area of health and fitness. Life on the ranch has then taught us much about animal husbandry (primarily with horses, goats, chickens and rabbits), permaculture/gardening/agriculture, construction, machinery operation and maintenance. Much of this is in a learn as you go format. Our teacher is the experience itself and “Dr. Google.”

Life on the ranch taught us a different, perhaps more traditional way of raising our family.

Rough Canyon Ranch

Rough was the theme of each and everyday of the early years. Life in the country was suppose to be peaceful and simple. Peaceful it can be but simple it is not. In the city most resources are at your finger tips; the local government has it ready to go. In the country you are or mostly likely a part of the government; you need figure out how to and get it ready.

In the country the possibilities are great; with big dreams, simple gets complex in a hurry. We hunger for independence, knowledge, comfort, diversity, and recreation of all sorts. Independence has a price that no money can buy; it requires time and effort, lots and lots of it.

Living in the country away from the conveniences of the city is not easy. You need to be self reliant, resourceful and creative. It’s not exactly cowboying but I recognize there are many similarities. In Yellowstone, the show season 4 episode 5, a cowboy at the 6666 Ranch say “you got to want this life, you got to want it down to your bones, if you don’t it can be absolute hell on earth.” The character Jimmy was sent to the 6666 Ranch to be made into a cowboy, into a man. I have offered the opportunity of farm experience to a few youngsters in the city, to learn and to grow at Rough Canyon, but it was turned down. The family did not want a hard life for their child.

Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. ‘ –Bruce Lee.

You cannot develop the strength without the challenge and the will to succeed; succeeding yields the growth, self awareness confidence and purpose.

The bigger the dream and the want, the bigger and harder the challenge, the great the strength and determination one need to and will develop.



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