Gas or Electric

With visitors expected to arrive today, it is important to regain our access. The rain has descended sufficiently to thaw the ice on our driveway enough for me to scrap away the bulk of it. There are still patches I hope vehicles can overcome with sufficient momentum. The big challenge of the day is toContinue reading “Gas or Electric”

Ice Storm

Fires, floods, avalanches, landslides and now ice storms. There seems to be no end to the weather conditions we need to prepare for. I had expected the warmer weather and rain so I tried my best to clear the snow as soon as the last fall had stopped. I was primarily concern about the messContinue reading “Ice Storm”

Lighting a wood stove.

Heating your home with wood is no simple task. It is best to prepare a couple years ahead and be vigilant several times a day to maintain comfortable temperatures. With storage recommendations for the primary wood stock to be away from the the house, wood need to be brought to the house every several days.Continue reading “Lighting a wood stove.”

Winter Firewood

Much have been said about living the moment, live in the present to maximize your happiness. But to live only in the moment without heeding the past and preparing for the future is complete and utter ignorance that will inevitably lead to more misery than executing proper wisdom from past experience to prepare for futureContinue reading “Winter Firewood”

All play, no work

Moving to the country would be so great! A relaxing, laid back way of life without the chaos of metropolitan demands and expectations. That is a great thought and true for the seasoned country folks and the weekend guest. For the new kid on the block the experience can be very different. When I embarkedContinue reading “All play, no work”

A Proud Parent!

Raising animals take a lot of work and sacrifice in return for food security, a viable ecosystem and companionship. Raising children is even more daunting. I learned to take my sense of selflessness to the next level, set aside my ego and developed a whole lot of patience. My daughters are everything to me andContinue reading “A Proud Parent!”

Permaculture … what is

The concept of permaculture was developed by Australian Bill Mollison “latterally with David Homgren” from 1972-1974. The concept did not mature sufficiently until 1981. Mollison describes permaculture as an “interdisciplinary earth science with a potential for positivistic, integrated and global outreach.” “Permaculature (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems whichContinue reading “Permaculture … what is”

Needs and Yield Analysis

Determining what we need and what resources we have. Need Water improve water lines, rain water collection, poor soil water retention, reservoirs Soil currently very sandy and poor crop production  Solar capture Micro hydro Accomodations for guests and income source Food cycling from plant to animals to fertilizer Current Yields Water Small creek and oldContinue reading “Needs and Yield Analysis”