Needs and Yield Analysis

Determining what we need and what resources we have.


Water improve water lines, rain water collection, poor soil water retention, reservoirs

Soil currently very sandy and poor crop production 

Solar capture

Micro hydro

Accomodations for guests and income source

Food cycling from plant to animals to fertilizer

Garden at the barn; tiers on boths sides of the path need to be restructured along contour lines.
Rebuild green house, introduce fauna and establish gilds in the upper orchard.
Fencing and swales need to be introduce along with an abundance of mulch to promote water retention.
Food/waste cycling need to be improved for greater efficiency.
Planting structure require better planning and direction.
Permanent irrigation line and automated watering cycles need to be implemented.
Skills and more hands are required for wood lot processing.
Machine and tool maintenance know how is needed.
Need to schedule regular selfcare.
Establish measures for work safety, injury prevention and first aid application.
Solidify guest housing infrastructure and landscaping.

Current Yields


Small creek and old piping to 3x 6000g holding tanks, irrigation to gardens are disconnected

4 small ponds that are not holding water well

Many out buildings that can be outfitted for rain water collection

Power source

Connected to grid

Long hours of sun with good southern exposure.

Micro hydro potential. 


6 horse that are converting about a 2 tonne of hay to manure monthly

14 rabbits converting 30lbs of hay to manure weekly

15 chickens converting mostly feed and some food scarps to manure

17, now down to 5 sheep: dog feed and hay to manure conversion

4 goats

8 down to 1 duck (water foul management need to be created).

4 year old gaurdian dog (Akbash)

2 month old gaurdian dog (Akbash/Pyrenees/Karacachan)

18 month old Vizsla (canicross project)


6 cherry trees

5 apple trees

6 pear trees

6 plum trees

4 peach trees

50 blueberry bush

6 aronia

6 black locus

5 honey locus

Several new young walnut, chestnut, hazel nut pending survival of winter

Wood lot 

90 acres of mostly douglas fir, some maple, birch and alder

Provide abundance of fire wood, mulch, fencing and building material


Ride on lawn mower with snow blower

Garden tractor(3k lb) with bucket and backhoe

Mini excavator (8k lb)

Skid Steer (8k lb) with grapple, brush cutter, fork and hay spear

Wood chipper 7”

Wood chipper 3”

Sawmill 36”

Chainsaw and arborist climbing cutting/climbing tools

Variety of construction tools

Guest Housing

4 suites, 3 campers, RV parking, front and back country tenting space

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